An open platform for plastic lifecycle awareness, monetization and sustainable innovation

Vision & Mission

Aiming to revalue recycled plastic, using blockchain technology.
PlasticTwist global objective is to support multiple actors (citizens, communities, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, public institutions) in co-creating and sustaining new forms of plastic-as-an-asset practices, strengthening both societal and circular economy actions in-line with digital social innovation principles.

As such, the global vision of PlasticTwist is two-fold. On the one hand, it is to empower citizens, software developers, grass-rooted inventors and communities to co-design and co-develop trusted and easy-to-use applications and tools through an open platform environment at which blockchain technologies drive the plastics material registry, monitoring, bargaining, and pricing tasks. On the other hand, it aims to increase and sustain the awareness of all stakeholders involved in this plastics reuse value chain, fostering innovation through an increased provision and adoption of plastics as an asset services by local manufacturers, Start-ups, and SMEs.

PlaticTwist’s mission is thus to empower citizens, communities, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to co-create and sustain new forms of plastic-as-an-asset practices, through an open, blockchain based, platform, fostering innovation and adoption by local manufacturers, Start-ups, and SMEs.


PlasticTwist builds upon the following values:

  • Revaluation
    PlasticTwist aims to revaluate plastics, and consider them as an asset for the development of products.
  • Connecting
    PlasticTwist is based upon connecting different parts of the plastics value chain, with innovators and communities.
  • Decentralisation
    PlasticTwist approach is design to allow for a decentralized implementation, close local needs and opportunities.
  • Grassroot
    PlasticTwist engages the local communities and stakeholders in the process, taking their needs and reality as a starting point.


Crowdsourcing / Social Media Analytics

Presentation and visualization of social media wisdom of the crowds will be offered to all of the platforms users and the open public to indicate the plastics reuse, recycling, and lifestyle perception as it is expressed in social media interactions and content threads. This will allow users to understand plastics thematic relationships and impact their awareness and plastics reuse motivation and at the same time inspire all stakeholders (from citizens, fablabers, and markets) for non-conventional and grassrooted plastics reuse ideas and practices.

Incentivization / Gamification Technologies / Platform

Collaborative gamification tools and apps will act as an intermediate between the interfaces and the backend of the platform to provide better user experience as well as support platform’s blockchain monetization demands. PlasticTwist gamification solutions will deliver a user centric experience and boost user engagement.

Plastics Waste Monetization / Blockchain Technologies / PlasticCoin & PlasticWallet

Cutting edge blockchain technologies for e-coins and e-wallets monetization will be used in PlasticTwist to maintain immutable plastics reuse transactions records in a decentralized ledger capable of supporting plastics reuse material, products bargaining and purchasing. PlasticTwist introduces PlasticCoins as a digital monetary entity to be registered and managed under the so called PlasticWallets for individual and/or community use. These technologies will support platform’s functionalities on various modules and services while maintaining platform’s performance and trust.


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