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With the launching of the PTwist platform MedSOS will be ready for two bootcamps focused on innovative and creative ideas regarding marine litter. Students, artists, corporations and inventors will be invited in order to discuss creative ways of introducing marine plastics in the circular economy. The bootcamps will take place in spring 2019 in cooperation with AUTH.

MedSOS has also implemented beach clean ups during the summer of 2018, spreading the word for PTwist and introducing the Plastic Twist Clean Up mobile application. MedSOS uses special questionnaires, known as “Beach Observation Questionnaires” that are filled out by the volunteers during the cleanups and processed by the scientists of the Laboratory of Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography (Department of Geology, University of Patrai).

With the assistance of the School of Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , the Beach Observation Questionnaire became digital, as a mobile application was created. Volunteers downloaded and used the Plastic Twist Clean Up Application for the first time. The application leads the Clean Up the Med campaign to the digital era by making the questionnaires more user – friendly and reliable, since the collection and analysis of the data is now much easier. MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network informed the volunteers regarding the single used plastics problem and the solutions that circular economy may give to this environmental struggle.