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Plastic Twist: The Art of Making a New Plastic Economy

#plastictwist #reclaimplastic #revalueplastic #theartofmakinganewplasticeconomy

The Plastic Twist Project brings citizens and communities together for creating and actively contributing in a “New Plastic Economy” on top of an innovative Blockchain and Token-based digital ecosystem that directly promotes and rewards the “Revaluation of Plastic”. Aiming to impact the circular economy and plastic value chain, Plastic Twist provides an open and fertile environment for innovation and business opportunities where winning ideas on plastic revaluation will be supported and awarded.

Plastic Twist that aims to revalue plastic and considers plastic waste and the plastic itself as a valuable asset by initiating a drastic change in the current economic approach transforming it into an innovative one (Tokenomics) utilising Blockchain technology and token (digital wallet) applications, will finally launch its innovative applications and services like virtual marketplace and rewarding systems as the project ends at its 2nd year by January 2020. The project is supporting multiple actors (citizens, communities, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, public institutions) in co-creating and sustaining new forms of plastic-as-an-asset practices, strengthening both societal and circular economy actions in-line with digital social innovation principles by increasing and sustaining the awareness of all stakeholders involved in this plastics reuse value chain, fostering innovation through an increased provision and adoption of plastics as an asset services by local manufacturers, Start-ups, and SMEs. The three local and globally synchronized pilots in Switzerland, The Netherlands and in Greece intensified stakeholders’ involvement and engagement, with emphasis on social gains and sustainability potential. These citizens-driven use cases conceptualized local ecosystems of the PlasticTwist platform which resulted in sustained plastics-as-an-asset activities of incentivized communities instead of following conventional recycling practices.

In this respect; the PlasticTwist Platform and its services will be launched to a wider audience where also the award ceremony will take place for the winning ideas of each PlasticTwist Pilot site. During the event the ICO / Crowdfunding of the Token System will also be announced, and participants will experience the use of the system in real life which will be a start for creating Tokenomics for the revaluation of plastics.

The PlasticTwist consortium involves highly motivated cross-discipline communities in the areas of ICT, social innovation, inventors, communities, as well as take up networks of large scale and three different pilots in three countries. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece, Hochschule Luzern – Switzerland, Nurogames – Germany, Ceci n’est pas une Holding – Netherlands, Almerys – France, Eolas – Spain, MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network – Greece, Blue City – Netherlands and TAGES – Turkey

Press and Media


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Event videos

Session 1: Welcoming Message

Session 2: Launch of The Platform

Session 3: Open Dialogue

Session 4: Winning Ideas Pitch

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Turkish Media

Turkey’s Analog Blockchain Money Program



Sunday, November 10, 2019, Pera Museum, Beyoğlu

Agenda Table



Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Athena Vakali

Short CV

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Hochschule Luzern

Patricia Wolf

Short CV

Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland

Hochschule Luzern

Julie Harboe

Short CV

Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland

Ceci n’est pas

Jonas Martens

Short CV

Ceci n’est pas une Holding, Netherlands


David Manset

Short CV

Almerys, France


Manon van Leeuwen

Short CV

Eolas, Spain


Ana Maria Martinez

Short CV



Leyla Arsan

Short CV

Tages, Turkey

Peter Troxler

Peter Troxler

Short CV

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Denisa Kera

Denisa Kera

Short CV

University of Salamanca, Spain

Ludovic Celerier

Ludovic Célérier

Short CV

Hiptown, France

Tolga Yücel

Tolga Yücel

Short CV

WWF, Turkey

Ebru Şenel Erim

Ebru Şenel Erim

Short CV

Unilever, Turkey

Ideas in Competition


Greek Pilot Idea


Greek Pilot

Swiss Pilot Idea


Swiss Pilot

Swiss Pilot Idea


Swiss Pilot

Dutch Pilot Idea


Dutch Pilot

Turkish Pilot Idea


Turkish Pilot



Participation in Plastic Twist: The Art of Making a New Plastic Economy is free but registration is mandatory and there are limited seats available.

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The Venue & the 16th Istanbul Biennial


Plastic Twist was disseminated in Istanbul very well and an interest arose from various sectors and people. The PlasticTwISTanbul workshop also attracted 53 people who are worked and collaborated on creating innovative business ideas where 39 of them generated during the workshop in Istanbul and 3942 tokens in total transferred. Therefore, PlasticTwISTanbul has already started to attract communities in Istanbul.

Coincidentally the two similar global actions met. The Istanbul 16th Biennial this year has a concept on: The Seventh Continent’ – 3.4 million square kilometres, 7 million tons of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean. The curator, Nicolas Bourriaud, expresses this as follows: The Seventh Continent is an anthropology of an off-centred world and an archaeology of our times. It shows today’s artistic production as a multiverse, an archipelago of differences, away from normative continents and massive entities. It defines art as a molecular anthropology, which studies the human effects, tracks and prints in the universe, and their interaction with non-humans.

The 16th Istanbul Biennial which will take place from September 14th to November 10th, 2019 will explore this new continent: a world where humans and non-humans, our mass-productive systems and natural elements, drift together, reduced to particles of waste.

Today, we are acknowledging that the canonical western division between nature and culture has come to an end. The Anthropocene (According to most scientists, the name of the new geological era we are entering into, characterised by the impact of human activities upon the planet.) theory has contributed to this awareness, as the impact of human activities on nature generates an intertwined world where culture is reintegrating into nature, and vice-versa. Meanwhile, due to the increasing interconnections between cultures, as well as the development of transportation and migratory flows, the old centres are turning into megapolises sheltering a multitude of micro-cultures.

PlasticTwist intrigues human inhabitants in the planet busy with mass-productive systems by showing the alternate which will make us prepared and our lives resilient at the beginning of anthropocene. The art work on the Seventh Continent and Plastic protesting the current situation of the planet and how human made it, can inspire PlasticTwist audience on feeling the issue deep inside where they will look for ways to get rid of it. At this phase, Plastic Twist brings another dimension in the audience’s mind and trigger it to act.

Consequently, PlasticTwist Launch Event collaborates with the 16th Istanbul Biennial as one of its side activities and an endpoint of the Biennial where will be held at the closure date November 10th, 2019 Sunday in one of the biennial visiting sites; Pera Museum, Istanbul.

The last day of the Biennial becomes also one of the most crowded days as many people would not miss the last opportunity to see the art work. In previous biennial which was the 15th one, there had been 440.000 visitors in 8 weeks in 6 different venues. This year, there are 3 different venues like Pera Museum, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academia and Princess Islands and again 8 weeks, if the number of visitors would be the same as the previous one, the venues probably might be more crowded.

Couched in the historic quarter of Tepebaşı, the impressive building was originally conceived as the Bristol Hotel, designed by architect Achille Manoussos in 1893. Restorer and architect Sinan Genim was given the daunting renovation operation in 2003; the triumph of transforming the interior into a modern and fully equipped museum is only matched by the architect’s mastery in simultaneously preserving the exterior façade, safeguarding an integral part of Istanbul’s architectural flavour. Pera Museum has evolved to become a leading and distinguished cultural center in one of the liveliest quarters of İstanbul.

The event that is an officially side activity of the Biennial and the cocktail afterwards are locally organised by TAGES in collaboration with the PlasticTwist Consortium.

The Audience


Manufacturing and production companies, plastic and environment communities, FMCG companies, NGOs working on environment, sustainability and technology, ICT and tech companies, Blockchain, IoT, and finance communities, public organisations, municipalities, activists and individuals supporting reducing plastic, recycling companies, waste collection companies, industrial designer and their NGOs, packaging designers, producers, Start-Ups and innovation companies, incubators, consultants, universities, funding authorities, European organisations, Ministry of Environment, Financial institutions and Bank, media and journalists, other industries like textile, biotech, airlines.



Plastic Twist: The Art of Making a New Plastic Economy is brought to you by the Plastic Twist Consortium.