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Plastic Heroes

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Plastic Heroes

To encourage behavioural change towards plastics reuse and create self-awareness regarding the environmental footprint of our actions, “Plastic Heroes” is designed as a serious game with focus both, on eLearning elements and a fun gameplay that aims in incentivizing people to engage and actively support plastic-as-an-asset practices where the revalued material enters the new plastic circular economy.

The player slips into the role of one of these Plastic Heroes which are kind activists all over the world that have the common goal to protect the environment by collecting and reusing plastic waste and to enlighten themselves and others with useful information on the topic.

Visit Google Play to download and play “Plastic Heroes” in your Android device.

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Gamification in Sustainability Award


The PlasticTwist "Plastic Heroes" game won the Gamification in Sustainability Award in the Gamification Awards 2019 competition!


The Gamification Awards are global awards for gamification that celebrate the leading examples of gamification practitioners' projects and applications each year and showcase just how much you can achieve in this growing industry.

In the words of the organisers: “The entries to the Gamification in Sustainability Award were so strong and each of our finalists have done fantastic things to help raise awareness of sustainability issues around the world. Creating behaviour change and educating people on ways they can help save our planet through gamification is a great way to get people acting quickly. When it comes to saving our homes, animals and oceans from pollution, time is not on our side!


The judges loved that we were raising awareness and teaching users about the different types of plastic through quizzes. Here is what they said about the "Plastic Heroes" game:
- “A very interesting and well-developed project that utilises game theory to educate clearly.
- "A great problem to gamify!"
- “A really necessary game!
- “I really like the idea of having a serious game connected to a marketplace/networking platform, this is like two solutions in one.
- “Brilliant creativity & design."

And how did our developers felt:
"I think winning this award is a great achievement as this gives us an affirmation of the work we have been doing for the past months and the experts judges recognize what and how we work to accomplish sustainable use of plastics under the PlasticTwist project. The team of the project as well as Nurogames is proud to be able to reduce plastic to make the world a better place!