Advisory Committee

The PlasticTwist Advisory Committee is made up of representatives of the user groups, communities, industry, innovators, ICT experts and experts in the domain of plastic waste. Its main role is to:

  • Provide feedback on the quality and adequateness of the project activities and outcomes;
  • Provide recommendations for future work based upon key results of the project;
  • Provide input with regards to user and market needs and feedback with regards to the exploitation strategy and activities;
  • Observe additional added value that may be created throughout the implementation of the project;

The AC members are also invited to provide advice and recommendations for one or more piloting activities.

We are very proud to the following experts have accepted to be part of our Advisory Committee:

Denisa Kera

Denisa Kera (1974*) is a philosopher and designer who uses prototypes and prototyping in the context of STS (Science, Technology, and Society) research. Prototypes express the entrepreneurial, educational, participatory, and activist aspirations and promises of the emergent technologies. She uses various creative strategies inspired by artistic and design methods (UX, critical design, and design fiction) to support the public engagement in these early promissory stages of new technologies. She spent the last decade as an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore, visiting assistant professor at Arizona State University, and senior fellow at Prague College (Future Design programme). Currently, she is a Marie Curie senior fellow at the University of Salamanca, researching blockchain, design, and policy issues.

Peter Troxler

Peter is doing research at the intersection of business, society and technology. His interests and expertise are in managing and governing systems and communities, in the application of new technologies, and in the overall architecture and design of the social, technological and commercial aspects of enterprises. He is equally intrigued by the challenges of investigating models that explain and applying these models to both companies as permanent and projects as temporary organisations. As a Research Professor at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Peter studies the impact of readily available direct digital manufacturing technologies and the design and manufacturing practice of “fabbers” and “makers” on the creative and manufacturing industries, and the emergence of networked co-operation paradigms and business models based on lateral governance and on open source principles.

Ludovic Célérier

Ludovic is a young French entrepreneur from Paris. He starts his career in IT and Digital Strategy consulting. He co-founded several Start-ups in Smart-City and Smart-Building in particular in new uses like coworking, and local community tools. Since 2016 he helps entrepreneurs in sustainable development to create and develop viable product (Plateform conception, recruitement, strategy, etc). Curently, he works as Senior Consultant in Innovation for Corporate in Real Estate; his speciality is Long term strategy and prospective. Ludovic is a sailor since he was young, that’s why he attributes importance to saving our planet. Ludovic is also administrator of the Yacht Club de France and in charge of environment & pollution. He cares about making innovation projects fly, and connecting them as fast and with as much focus as possible on a market, on a demand to transform it.

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