An open platform for plastic lifecycle awareness, monetization, and sustainable innovation


Our aim is to revalue recycled plastic, using blockchain technology.

PlasticTwist global objective is to support multiple actors (citizens, communities, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, public institutions) in co-creating and sustaining new forms of plastic-as-an-asset practices, strengthening both societal and circular economy actions in-line with digital social innovation principles. As such, the global vision of PlasticTwist is two-fold. On the one hand, it is toOne the hand it, to empower citizens, software developers, grass-rooted inventors and communities to co-design and co-develop trusted and easy-to-use applications and tools through an open platform environment at which blockchain technologies drive the plastics material registry, monitoring, bargaining, and pricing tasks. On the other hand, it aims to increase and sustain the awareness of all stakeholders involved in this plastics reuse value chain, fostering innovation through an increased provision and adoption of plastics as an asset services by local manufacturers, Start-ups, and SMEs.

PlaticTwist's mission is thus to "empower citizens, communities, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to co-create and sustain new forms of plastic-as-an-asset practices, through an open, blockchain based, platform, fostering innovation and adoption by local manufacturers, Start-ups, and SMEs".


PlasticTwist builds upon the following values:

  • Revaluation

    PTwist aims to revaluate plastics, and consider them as an asset for the development of products.

  • Connecting

    PTwist is based upon connecting different parts of the plastics value chain, with innovators and communities.

  • Decentralisation

    PTwist approach is design to allow for a decentralized implementation, close local needs and opportunities.

  • Grassroot

    PTwist engages the local communities and stakeholders in the process, taking their needs and reality as a starting point.


Crowdsourcing / Social Media Analytics

Presentation and visualization of social media wisdom of the crowds will be offered to all of the platforms users and the open public to indicate the plastics reuse, recycling, and lifestyle perception as it is expressed in social media interactions and content threads. This will allow users to understand plastics thematic relationships and impact their awareness and plastics reuse motivation and at the same time inspire all stakeholders (from citizens, fablabers, and markets) for non-conventional and grassrooted plastics reuse ideas and practices.

Incentivization / Gamification Technologies / Platform

Collaborative gamification tools and apps will act as an intermediate between the interfaces and the backend of the platform to provide better user experience as well as support platform’s blockchain monetization demands. PlasticTwist gamification solutions will deliver a user centric experience and boost user engagement.

Plastics Waste Monetization / Blockchain Technologies / PlasticCoin & PlasticWallet

Cutting edge blockchain technologies for e-coins and e-wallets monetization will be used in PlasticTwist to maintain immutable plastics reuse transactions records in a decentralized ledger capable of supporting plastics reuse material, products bargaining and purchasing. PlasticTwist introduces PlasticCoins as a digital monetary entity to be registered and managed under the so called PlasticWallets for individual and/or community use. These technologies will support platform’s functionalities on various modules and services while maintaining platform's performance and trust.


PlasticTwist offers a complementary set of services for citizens, software developers, grass-rooted inventors and communities as well as local manufacturers, Start-ups, and SMEs.

Monetary system

A monetary system of PCoins and Pwallets, which ensures and safeguards trusted transactions between you and all others involved in the plastics re-use processes. The underlying blockchain technology is key in this.


Engage in our interactive and collaborative gamification, and get rewarded in PCoins.

Virtual marketplace

Buy or sell PlasticTwist inspired plastic re-use products with your PCoins on our virtual market place.

Your own PWallet

Your own personal wallet where your PCoins are saved and which you can use to interact on the marketplace.



PTwist is an Innovation Action funded by the European Union under the Horizon2020 programme, and the call "ICT-11-2017 Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation".

PlasticTwist will largely impact: citizens and grassrooted groups co-creation, innovative and trusted collaboration and knowledge transfer by increasing all stakeholders’ awareness; plastics as an asset potential due to increasing its circular economy re-entering; and blockchain based novel routes to markets. Innovation activities in PlasticTwist will be based upon existing open source, blockchain, gaming, crowdsourcing components, open data solutions and developments to the largest possible extent.


Three local and globally synchronized pilots intensify stakeholders involvement and engagement, with emphasis on social gains and sustainability potential.

These citizens-driven use cases conceptualize local ecosystems of the PlasticTwist platform which result in sustained plastics-as-an-asset activities of incentivized communities instead of following conventional recycling practices.


MedSOS, will make use of the popularity of the Clean Up the Med campaign in order to inform, communicate and disseminate the PTwist platform, to demonstrate best case practices regarding sea plastic reuse in pre-selected cities and educate participants on the different types of existing plastics based on their collection during beach clean-ups, contact local community members who might act as local initiatives and potential actors in the platform and engage local community in the concept of circular economy.

The pilot partner of PTwist in Greece is the Mediterranean SOS Network. We can be reached through


The Netherlands has one of the higher plastics recycle rates within Europe, while at the same time the produced waste per capita is around 550 Kg a year, around 70 Kg more than the EU average. Currently there are a few systems in place within the Netherlands to keep plastics out of the streets, but at the same time a clearly visible trend of increasing the number of produce that use plastic packaging - either to increase life span or to protect products against damage. The Dutch Pilot is therefore aimed at making locally valuable and visible products and objects out of these waste streams - engaging local public in the process of recycling, rethinking, and making. As the throughput of plastic is highest at large corporates or institutions, we will focus on improving institutionalized procurement- and waste management systems, as we believe we can create maximum impact in terms of reduction and recycling plastics.

The pilot partners of PTwist in the Netherlands are Ceci n’est pas une Holding, and Stichting Bluecity. We can be reached through


Switzerland is with 700 kilograms per head “Top of Europe” in the production of plastic waste per head. At the same time, there is – apart from recycling plastic bottles – so far no common plastic recycling system and Switzerland is still in the process of conceptualizing of a common plastic collection and recycling system. The Swiss pilot is thus aimed at prototyping recycling ecosystems systems that can serve as role model and inspiration for politicians and citizens alike.

The pilot partner of PTwist in Switzerland is the Future Laboratory CreaLab at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) with its FabLab Lucern.


PlasticTwist consortium involves highly motivated cross-discipline communities in the areas of ICT, social innovation, inventors, communities, as well as take up networks of large scale. Moreover three different pilots are planned in three countries of varying states in terms of their economic status, their plastics recycling rates, their culture in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.


D1.1Project Management and Quality Plan
D1.2Project Progress Reports
D1.3MC Meetings Documentation
D1.4Data Management Plan
D1.5Legal, Ethical Issues & Data Protection Manual
D2.1Report on Qualitative Crowdsourced and Open Data Filtering Methodology
D2.2Social Data Collection and Processing Pipeline
D2.3Report on PTwist Data Schemas Outline
D3.1PTwist Design Specifications
D3.2PTwist Platform Release
D3.3PTwist Platform Test and Validation
D3.4PTwist ICO Campaign Report
D4.1PTwist Tier-1 gamification toolkit
D4.2PTwist reward and incentive monitoring
D5.1Pilot Deployment Framework
D5.2Pilot Training Manual
D5.3Pilot Events and Winning Ideas Report
D5.4Implementations and Best Practices Report
D5.5Users Engagement and Communities Empowerment Report
D6.1Exploitation Strategy
D6.2Business/use cases
D6.3User Commitment Best Practices & Actions
D6.4Outreach and take-up plan
D7.1Dissemination Plan
D7.2Dissemination materials & tools


The PlasticTwist Advisory Committee (AC) is made up of representatives of the user groups, communities, industry, innovators, ICT experts and experts in the domain of plastic waste. Its main role is to:

  • Provide feedback on the quality and adequateness of the project activities and outcomes;
  • Provide recommendations for future work based upon key results of the project;
  • Provide input with regards to user and market needs and feedback with regards to the exploitation strategy and activities;
  • Observe additional added value that may be created throughout the implementation of the project;
The AC members are also invited to provide advice and recommendations for one or more piloting activities.


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